Chinese Foods Are Easy To Prepare

Chinese Foods Are Easy To Prepare

Chinese Foods

Chinese foods are loved by many different cultures. Although,

not many people will experiment with Chinese cuisine at home. You have in your mind that it is difficult to make these dishes. It is an art, it will take too long to prepare or you would have to buy a lot of special food and/or spices to use in making their favorite dish. This simply is not true. You purchase the same meats and vegetables as usual. The difference is in the cooking oils and sauces. Maybe you think you would have to buy all new kitchen utensils, pots and pans. You will not have to do this either. To start out you can improvise with utensils that you already own. You really would only want (not need) to purchase a couple things that you may not already own. In time they will prove to be convenient and healthy for you….go figure.

Most meals are complete in 35-45 minutes. Methods of cooking are of course the, oh so loved stir fry (one of my favorites), steam, poach, stewing and red cooking. Research shows that you should eat a healthy and well balanced diet. Cooking Chinese dishes by these methods will prove to be healthier for you. The use of a wok to stir fry (I prefer cast iron as it evenly distributes heat and when seasoned properly, food will not stick) and you use healthier oil and use less of it. The wok with it cone like shape, your oils runs down to the bottom.

Depending on your taste and your allergies, you can experience with the use different oils (peanut, olive, coconut, safflower, walnut, etc) to enhance the flavor of your creations. As you stir fry (high heat and very little oil) you turn and stir quickly the food to the bottom. For stir fry you will cut your ingredients (steak, chicken, pork) into small chucks about an inch. The smaller pieces allow for quicker cook time.

With a good shape knife (this is a must for me, no matter what food I plan to prepare) this is easily accomplished. Tip for the day (for those, who do not know this): DO NOT put your good knives in the dishwasher, this will destroy them. Start by cooking your meat(s) because the meat will need a longer cook time, and then add ingredients accordingly. Because of the versatility of sauce(s), you can cook virtually anything using a sauce. Do not be afraid to experiment (like me). Use a good quality sauce, and make sure your family loves it. Of course, it is not always true what they say about how “When everything you cook is Chinese.”Check out some of these gems:

Turmeric, flaredBeans, garlic, horseradish, soy, brackish sea salt,Light Olive Oil, sea salt, white wine, coconut oil, chicken stock, andodon thinned with water.

As you can tell there is a wealth of choice.

Check out your local super market and see if you can find a version that fits your budget and taste requirements. And as always, check with us in store for more information and to always use organic, fresh ingredients. UFABET เว็บตรง


unsaturated oils

raw materials

fresh local produce

no chemicals

no hormones Chinese Foods

no antibiotics Chinese Foods

no growth hormones

environmental friendly

organic products Chinese Foods

Many people who care about their health strongly believe that a local organic diet is better because of the emphasis on fresh local product. Others feel that because you are not fixing the world with tons of transplanted food and flowers you are going to end up with a little more plastic in your water line than you bargained for.

on a Organic diet

the dinner table

the way we eat

raw materials

a good quality organic diet

enjoying raw foods in a non-conformist way

with others

in principle

you can’t fix what others think

you need to feel at one with the senses

the Tao of ‘not being right’

the way to feel at one with the senses


not market driven

self livelihood


self love

and free soul

the way to feel at one with the senses

there is no other way to feel free except to feel the ground, nothing ever changes that state except when you are freegans or soul workers as we say in the book.’

you have feel no fear, no joy, no happiness as long as you don’t overdo it and give into negative emotions that onlyories surface.

you have felt no pain, no joy as long as you didn’t overdo it and give into negative emotions that only defenses will improve your situation.