Why I Love Mangos

Why I Love Mangos

Mangos come into season in Australia in the middle of October and I look forward to that time of year. Mangos are a messy fruit but are also one of the most unique tasting fruits. They have come to symbolize the arrival of summer in Australia. Because large areas of Australia have a tropical climate, such as Queensland and the Northern Territory, there is no shortage of the precious fruit when the season arrives.

At the start of Mango season the first box of mangos is auctioned off at the markets in Sydney, usually for a phenomenal sum of A$300 – A$450 and is stocked for months in advance to take advantage of theHigh Street Season. The anticipation of buying the first box is high, and to lessen the cost, the price is dramatically reduced for subsequent boxes.

Mangos do have a reputation for being pricy, and perhaps they are, but much of the fruit is very affordable. The fruits are covered in dozens of soft spines that are edible, and each contains a dozen seeds. To eat a mango is to sink your teeth into a hot and spicy fleshy fruit, but to spit it out is quite an expression (and a real one).

This is just the beginning of the wonderful mangoes, which include chocolate, kiwi, and several other fruits. These are primarily raw materials for creating fruit bars and other confections.

The taste of mangoes is just fantastic, and universally loved. They


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compete tooth and nail with other fruits in their favor, and are simply delicious. Just one, however, is enough to gag most people.

The largest mangoes are of course the Grapefruit, which is of course a bright orange and very sparkly. Its very soft and very creamy flesh is one of the most sought after fruits in the entire world. You can also get the exotic, spectacular sounding Fruit Punch which comes in a variety of colors and flavors, but is not considered a true juice. Still, it is quite a treat.

Thefat mangosteenis a notable hotted fruit. It is often compared to a cantaloupe, but most definitely has the mango’s bright yellow color.

It is a little difficult to describe the taste of the mangosteen, as it can often be too sweet or pungent for my comfort, but it is certainly worth trying at least once.

The Watermelon

The Wanee Rice Cake

The Durian

and the Kiwi Fruit Tastes pretty similar to a watermelon, but they are earthier. The Chinese call the Kiwi Fruit as the “King of Fruits.” Although it is frequently called the mango in the Western world, the Chinese actually consider the Kiwi to be a fruit, not a fruitake. As the name implies, the Kiwi fruit is rather like a watermelon, but think watermelon instead.

The expiration date on the Kiwi fruit is often a sign of freshness; often said to be three to six months after being harvested.

The coming of winter weather has caused a renewed desire for the seasonal Mangoes and Pineapples. If you cannot find them fresh, they are relatively cheap and can be enjoyed all year long. สล็อตเว็บตรง

The many varieties of mangoes are cause by the scores of polygenic evolution, and hundreds of living members of the same family. Many are commercially grown, like the originally cultivated Chontaduro andarrassing-but-very-expensive uru-mangosteen.

This year,

from November 26th to January 7th, I will be attending the American Normal Food Festival in dopamine, WA. Doing so will allow me to see live music and other cultural oddities, as well as trying out some of the local food produced in this agricultural area.

I plan on stopping in at various food festivals and markets during the months of December, January, and February. I plan on taking advantage of the abundance of local foods so that I can learn to make dishes from a different culture. This will certainly provide me with an interesting culinary experience.